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BIG ATOM's ambition is to enhance recycling methods and contribute to a sustainable future. We saw an opportunity in the growing chemical recycling sector and decided to use our engineering background to disrupt the market. BIG ATOM envisions turning waste rubber and plastics back into their raw materials for reuse, creating a Circular Economy.


Our first achievement has been building a tyre recycling business, where we shred & granulate tyres, ready to be chemically regenerated in the pyrolysis plant. Our technology will ensure that rubber & plastic products can be recycled 100% and a Circular Economy can be realised.


By turning waste into a resource, the world will become a cleaner place.


Alexander Guslisty & Toby Moss


Founders of BIG ATOM



BIG ATOM is a clean-tech recycling company with a vision to create a Circular Economy for polymer materials.

Our mission is to convert plastic and rubber waste into secondary raw materials. We are designing technologies that improves the recycling processes and create a new life for hard-to-recycle plastics.


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Managing our business with an ethical and sustainable mindset at every step of the way.

Encouraging a low carbon footprint across our company and team.



THINKING BIG by shifting perceptions of waste into resources.

LEAVING A LEGACY by growing the next generation Circular Economy. 

KEEPING IT SIMPLE, focusing on scalability over complexity.

The power of WORKING TOGETHER as one team is essential.



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