BIG ATOM is the number 1 tyre recycler in the North West of England.


We are licensed by the Environment Agency to collect and process 25,000 tonnes a year.


We offer waste tyre collection and drop-off services in the North West, with processing on our site at Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.


We sell a range of recovered rubber products as well as recovered steel wire.



Safe. Reliable. Efficient.


waste tyre collection

On time

operating in North West England

No.1 in NW England 

Used tyre collection

Friendly team

We operate a fleet of vehicles providing waste tyre pick-up services direct from garages in the North West. 

Tyre Collection

BIG ATOM caters for tyre drop-offs directly to our site. With access to our weighbridge, all drop-offs are recorded accurately and quickly.

Tyre Drop-Off

Tyre Bin

We are able to provide tyre-bin drop off and collection for selected customers with greater volumes operating close to our Ellesmere Port location.

BIG ATOM offers tyre pile and fly tipping clearance, both with and without rims across the UK.

Site Clearances



Quality assured. 100% recycled.

equestrian rubber crumb

Competitive prices

recovered steel product

Quality product

recovered rubber shred

Helpful customer services 

Available in multiple sizes:

  • 20 mm crumb

  • 6 mm crumb 

  • 2 mm crumb


Rubber Products

Available in two forms:

  • <5% rubber weight 

  • 30% rubber by weight

Steel Wire

100 mm -150 mm shred available. 

Tyre Shred

For use as exercise equipment in gyms and personal training.

Agricultural Tyres 

Our products are used in multiple industries such as: 


Road Surfacing


Drainage Fill


Equestrian Surfaces


Sports & Play Surfaces


Sound Barriers

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