We are building a future without polymer waste, no landfills and cleaner oceans. This will make our world a better place to live and leave a bright legacy for the next generation.


What does BIG ATOM do to contribute to a sustainable future?


  • Our pyrolysis technology is envisaged to save 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions for every tonne of rubber and plastics we process. This contributes to the UK government’s Net Zero 2050 target.


  • BIG ATOM is working with the UK’s Department for Transport to develop incentives for refineries to start using raw materials which have been derived from waste. This initiative will aim to reduce the raw materials extracted from the Earth.​




Modern recycling is ineffective because it produces low grade materials which are difficult to recycle. Eventually, these materials are no longer useful and must be disposed. We call this a linear economy with slightly prolonged life. 


By chemically regenerating polymers, all recycled materials are like new and can be recycled continuously. Chemical regeneration creates an opportunity to unlock the Circular Economy.

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BIG ATOM contributes to the Circular Economy by regenerating tyres that have reached the end of their usable life. Our mechanical processing plant separates the tyres into rubber & steel products, whilst our chemical regeneration technology further turns rubber into petrochemicals, ready for new polymer manufacturing.



BIG ATOM's patent-pending reactor technology will significantly improve product yields and energy efficiency.


Our chemical regeneration methods will present opportunities to convert tyres into new synthetic rubber and plastics.


Our innovations will drive down the costs of waste disposal for the consumer and generate capabilities to process more waste streams effectively.


We are creating a pathway to green polymer materials that do not generate waste.



We ensure our recycling services are carried out at the highest of industry standards with all the relevant permits and certifications. 


It's our environmental policy that all waste transfers automatically generate a customer receipt called a Waste Transfer Note. 


Every tyre is tracked through our recycling centres and value chain. This means our customers can see what new products have been made from their waste and where those products have been sold.

BIG ATOM does not engage in the sale of used tyres. Every tyre received by us will be shredded and converted into recycled rubber products. 

We are committed to reducing the risk of road accidents by not contributing to the re-use of worn tyres


BIG ATOM is a fully  licensed waste carrier.


Our recycling center is permitted by the Environment Agency.


We are a full member of the Tyre Recovery Association and accredited under the Responsible Recycler’s Scheme.



​BIG ATOM is working in partnership with University of Chester to carry out research and development projects on our chemical regeneration and reactor technology. 


​Our partners at UCL are building advance computer models to maximise environmental benefits of our technology.